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Social Services

Social Services

• Help with Discharge Planning
• Assistance with Advance Directives
• Explanation of Medicare/Medi-Cal
• Explanation of Veterans Benefits
• Explanation of Social Security
• Family Member Support Groups
• Assistance with Difficult Decisions
• Referral to Psychiatric Services
• Referral to Psychological Services
• Behavior Management Programs
• Care Planning for Cognitive Issues
• Residents Rights Advocates
• Review Resident Status
• Ethics Committee
• Resource Information
• Community Resources
• In-Home Social Services
• Mental Health Housing
• Psychotropic Medication
• Emotional Support
• Care Planning for Emotional Issues

Care Conferences

Care Conferences are held for every resident admitted to our facility. They are designed to review the resident’s plan of care and to keep assessments up to date. At each conference, care team members will present their assessments. This is an opportune time to receive valuable information from our team of professionals, to add personal insight from your perspective, and to get answers to questions you may have.

Resident Council

Resident Council meetings take place monthly to give residents an opportunity to help in the planning of events and activities. It is a forum for residents to share concerns, suggestions and praise about matters that affect their quality of life. Residents of Olympia Convalescent elect Resident Council board members to help in the facilitation of meetings.